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As a specialist contractor, VSL - a member of Bouygues Construction, leverages the most advanced construction methods and technologies to engineer, build and preserve complex structures. VSL creates innovative and customised solutions, from initial engineering to project execution, to take up its clients’ challenges.

  • Lisboa Palace
    Construction of a large diaphragm wall for a new hotel and casino complex.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Lisboa Palace

  • Shatin to Central Link contract 1106
    Diaphragm wall and barrette construction for the extension of Diamond Hill Station.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Shatin to Central Link contract 1106

  • Wai Yip Street
    Construction of a diaphragm wall and associated works for a commercial building development.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Wai Yip Street

  • Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel
    Site investigation using horizontal directional coring (HDC) techniques and in-situ testing.
    Hong Kong - 2015 read more

    Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel


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Creating solutions together

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World-wide network

VSL is a leader in the field of specialist construction engineering and associated technologies and services. Well proven systems and sound in-house engineering have founded the Group’s reputation for innovative conceptual designs and engineering solutions, for reliability, quality and efficiency.

VSL operates through 50 locations as a world-wide network, including production facilities. With 4,100 employees, including 900 engineers and technicians, VSL provides technical consultancy and support for the full range of works from project planning to complete final design, construction engineering and on-site activities.

Expertise is a key issue: VSL foremen, supervisors and site managers go through centralised training in the VSL Academy where they are given best practice in all aspects of post-tensioning and other VSL capabilities.

Post-tensioning, stay cables & construction methods

VSL is a multi discipline construction partner, capable of providing clients with innovative practical designs and construction solutions adapted to suit the local market.

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The group has adapted post-tensioning principles to civil structures such as LNG tanks, reservoirs, plants, tunnels, off-shore platforms, concrete floating barges dams and stay cables. VSL Dampers mitigate vibrations in stay-cable bridges and buildings.

In addition to post-tensioning and stay cables, the group's scope of works covers precasting and segmental bridge erection launching gantries, formwork systems, repair works, rock and soil anchors, bearings, retained earth walls, heavy lifting, monitoring, geotechnics and deep foundations.

Creative solutions

For more than 50 years, VSL has been contributing to some of the most prestigious and complex concrete structures. These include the fast-track precast and erection of segments for bridges and viaducts such as the LRT in Dubai, stay-cable bridge projects, like the record breaking Baluarte Bridge in Mexico, and the heavy lifting of the antenna of the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. VSL undertakes strong and successful R&D.

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The demonstration of VSL’s enhanced post-tensioning solutions for nuclear applications lead to the award of a contract for the construction of a nuclear power plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2012, the VSL budget for R&D projects amounts to €3.1 million and VSL owns 32 patents. The recent creation of specific departments for Offshore solutions, Wind turbine construction and Infrastructure protection allows VSL to propose relevant solutions for these markets.

Reliable partner

VSL’s Major Project division provides skilled and trained staff with a core of 100 bridge specialists, two experienced technical centres, an ability to benchmark new methods, new equipment and new materials; and specialist equipment designed as modular as possible for reuse in different configurations.

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VSL is also committed to offering innovative contracting approaches: this enables VSL and the contractor to focus on what is “best for project”. Recent examples are alliancing for important civil works projects, such as the Second Gateway Bridge in Australia or the Newmarket viaduct replacement in Auckland, New Zealand, for the Hodariyat Bridge in Abu Dhabi and the Hongkong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge: VSL is member of the Joint Venture in charge of the design and construction.

Changing the way we do business

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For VSL, sustainable development means striking a balance in its development model between the economic profitability of its businesses and their social and environmental impact.

That commitment is formalised into the VSL sustainable development program.

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