Creating solutions

A Desert Port

VSL-Intrafor recently completed a 6km cut-off wall necessary for the construction of Doha’s new container port. Built 22m underground, the cut-off wall was constructed using VSL-Intrafor’s BC40 Cutter equipment and special plastic concrete mix. This innovative concrete mix was essential to the wall’s construction, as it will later be destroyed to let sea water in and welcome container ships into the port.


Hospital upgrade in Switzerland

Teams from VSL have completed work for the supply and installation of post-tensioned 6-31 cables as well as elastomeric sliding bearings for the upgrade of a Swiss hospital. Post-tensioned cantilever beams were necessary to take the load of the eight new storeys being added to accommodate 350 employees. In addition, bearings were fitted to isolate some slabs and ensure the stability of the structure in the event of an earthquake.


FSC-compliance at Intrafor

Intrafor adopts reusable steel formwork as much as possible. However, it is still necessary to use wood for some applications, such as to cover starter bars in diaphragm wall panels. To reduce the environmental impact, Intrafor is now using 100% FSC-compliant wood, where available, for this purpose. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) identifies and certifies forests that are well managed and where biodiversity, productivity and the ecology are maintained.