Creating solutions

Launching a walkway in Spain

In El Tranqueru, Spain, difficult access from only one side meant that a special approach was required to recover a 45m-long walkway that had slipped into the sea because of earth movement. VSL supported the designer in the development of a method to launch the 25t steel structure, the VSL skidding system was used to move it 50m to the opposite abutment. A 25t rear 'nose' was added to the bridge, which was counterbalanced by up to 110t during the launching operation. Finally, the structure was lowered onto its permanent bearings.


Cool design in Australia

VSL's third contract at the food storage facility involved the design and construction of 7,000m2 of slabs on ground to support heavy static and automated racking loads. The post-tensioned slabs have been designed without joints to avoid damage caused by freezing water. In addition, the use of jointless slabs minimises the ingress of dirt, helping maintain a hygienic environment, and mitigates the future maintenance work, the joints being generally weak points.


Quieter crossing in Slovakia

Installation of a post-tensioned deck was chosen as a quieter alternative than the traditional steel for a rail bridge crossing the Váh River in an urban area of Trenčín in Slovakia. The new bridge is being built as part of the upgrade of the Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Púchov railway. The project for Slovak Railways is being co-financed by EU funds and built by Bögl and Krýsl to a design by Betoning. The seven-span viaduct is 340m long and is being constructed by the balanced cantilever method. VSL is supplying tie bars and post-tensioning, together with PT-Plus® ducting.