Creating solutions

Participating in Macau’s Expansion

Participating in Macau’s expansion and the development of the Cotai area, Intrafor was awarded a project for the construction of the basement retaining wall for a new hotel and casino. The 560m-long diaphragm wall will be built 40m deep into old reclaimed land and house part of a luxury hotel and casino featuring up to 700 gambling tables and 1,000 slot machines.


Sliding box in Switzerland

A new underpass is being built in Rickenbach to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross under the railway. VSL slid the 280t concrete box, fabricated on site, into its final position underneath a temporary railway bridge while the line was still in operation. The box was pulled more than 20m at a maximum speed of 10m/hour on a slide system, closely guided to ensure a smooth operation.


Simplified grouting

VSL Australia has recently added several bulk bag cement dispensers to its equipment pool. The dispensers reduce manual handling, environmental impact and the risk of injury while increasing quality and productivity. Operation is ‘push button’ and the grout mixers can process 15t of cement per shift with just one operator, less dust and less wastage for both, cement and packaging, since the bags can be returned for reuse.