Creating solutions

Express jacking

Hong Kong’s first box-jacking operation will be carried out by Intrafor, which will place two tunnels directly underneath the live Airport Express railway (AEL). The tunnels are approximately 14m in height, 23m wide and 70m long, requiring a total excavation of 35,000 m3. Intrafor is currently carrying out the ground improvement works underneath the AEL abutment, using eight percussive rigs to drill 2,500 holes for the installation of 65km of TAM (tube a manchette) pipe. Injection of some 17,000 m3 of grout into the ground will improve the soil properties for the future box-jacking activities


Filipinos Rainy-season Challenge

Challenging ground conditions in the rainy season meant that extra care and preparation were needed for VSL’s launch of the K4 Bridge at a major housing development south of Manila, Philippines. VSL was appointed by MDC to prefabricate the bridge’s 30m-long, 45t I-girders. The contract also included to place the beams by a pair of mobile cranes.


Quieter crossing in Slovakia

Installation of a post-tensioned deck was chosen as a quieter alternative than the traditional steel for a rail bridge crossing the Váh River in an urban area of Trenčín in Slovakia. The new bridge is being built as part of the upgrade of the Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Púchov railway. The project for Slovak Railways is being co-financed by EU funds and built by Bögl and Krýsl to a design by Betoning. The seven-span viaduct is 340m long and is being constructed by the balanced cantilever method. VSL is supplying tie bars and post-tensioning, together with PT-Plus® ducting.